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Types of  Decking

Types of Decking

Have you had a hard time choosing the best decking for your home. You have come to the right place! Birmingham Decking & Fencing Pro will help you choose the right decking material for you.

If you plan on putting up a deck to your outdoor space or if you have an existing deck but nobody stays there and is unmaintained and needs upgrading, we can help. The material you decide on your deck will dictate its life in the long run. Make this critical decision easy for you so it won’t cost you a lot on repairs when the time comes.

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There is a wide range of decking options in terms of prices and materials. Let’s see what your good choices could be.

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  1. Composite—The flat surface of your deck is the biggest factor in your total costing of deck installation as it covers most of the area of your place. Hence, choosing materials that won’t fail so soon is crucial to your deck’s life. Composite wood materials are not pure wood material. Though they emulate wood-like surface, they are made from synthetic materials, such as recycled plastic. Get the feel of a real wood of different shades but low on maintenance with composite decking.
  2. Vinyl—Vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is beginning to gain popularity in the market compared to composite due to its low-cost maintenance and cleaning features. Vinyl’s advantage to composite is that it has no wood material in it. Decks made of vinyl are covered or layered with solid PVC.
  3. Cedar—Cedar decking is an old-time favourite if you want to achieve that traditional look in your outdoor space. Cedar’s beauty reflects natural wood. While it is a good choice for your decking project, you should be ready for the rotting sapwood that is within the component of this natural material. Cedar wood is a softwood compared to oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, or beech, making it necessary for treatment, though it is less expensive than redwood.
  4. Pressure-treated wood—Decking is a costly home improvement endeavor, so the choice of deck surface is a huge factor in your total spending on materials, repairs, and maintenance.  What builders recommend to cut on costs is to use pressure-treated wood. It is the most affordable decking material as it is made of inferior wood trees that’s prone to cracks and warps without proper maintenance. To treat this kind of wood deck, ask our team in Birmingham and they will offer the solution to apply safer chemical treatments and protection against premature wear and tear.
  5. Redwood—Redwood is favoured by the affluent because it is a natural wood material though much more expensive than cedar. The lightweight character of redwood makes it convenient for installers. Redwood is strong and easy to install, but only high-grade lumber would outlast rapid deterioration, helping homeowners choose dark-coloured decks because of their natural resistance to rotting.

When deciding on deck wood materials, check for the availability of lumber in your area. No matter what type of decking you choose, it requires yearly cleaning and maintenance to maintain its natural luster.

For further information on decking projects, reach out to our team in Birmingham Decking. We have years of extensive decking projects that have resolved many homeowners in adding beauty to their outdoor living.

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