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Shed Building

Build a Shed in Birmingham

A shed may look like an offshoot of your main house but it is not a house. It can be considered a mini shelter because it is a place used for keeping important things not stored in the house.

Most sheds are used as storage for our tools, domestic items, animal necessities, or a DIY corner. It is an essential part of your home to keep these things and protect them from the weather.

Sometimes, we keep old items, seldom used or not to be thrown away yet, in the shed.

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Shed Assembly and Construction

The shed can serve as:

  • Storage of gardening tools, old items, farm materials, pet accessories, etc.
  • Studio
  • Small office

Considerations in building and assembly

Though might look a small home, is generally not livable. Though you can reinforce the materials in order to make it classified as home ready. Sheds are usually not habitable because they are made of low-grade materials compared to the materials used to build your home.

But if you insist based on the purpose that your shed might be something highly useful for human occupation, you need to have the engineering habitable so it won’t compromise its stability over the years.

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Types of shed


This is the most common shed built in the backyard of homes. Depending on the size of your spare land, your wooden shed can be built on the size and shape you want. Building sheds made of wood will have to make the builder ask you for the type of wood needed for walls, floor, window frame, rafters, foundation, and all essentials pertinent to completing the shed.

Wooden sheds can have metal roofs though.

Wooden sheds are typical build because they are easy and quick to install but durable when used with quality wood. However, wood needs to be treated, painted, and maintained because they are vulnerable to rot and weather.


Metal sheds are built using galvanized aluminium or steel, making them prone to dent and rust. To make this kind of shed work requires maintenance. But the crucial point in building metal is that they need frequent repainting to keep their beauty.

Resin shed

When we say resin, you will be combining different materials, such as vinyl, plastic, and polyethene. Resin shed is becoming popular due to their durability, especially when used with high-quality plastics.

Resin require minimal maintenance because they are impervious against stain or rust, and they do not rot like wood when exposed to moisture.

Considerations in building your shed

To ensure that you will have a long-lasting shed, you need to consider a strong foundation. Your shed’s stability is based on the foundation material and the engineering it was implemented for.

Also, if you have a shed that has to be assembled by someone else, it is important to keep the following points:

  • Is the builder has experience in building?
  • How many sheds does the company you’re asking for have they built in their tenure?
  • What material you want  and is the builder able to provide them?
  • Does the builder follow local standards?
  • Do past works on shed have proven their stability against harsh weather?
  • Does the contractor offer warranties?

Find a shed building contractor, find us. Birmingham Decking & Fencing Pro builds according to quality, customer preference, local standards, and trust. We employ only building contractors who have extensive experience in this industry and have shown the highest customer relations value when it comes to finishing their projects.

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