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Birmingham Decking & Fencing Pro does not focus on merely installing decks. As professional builders and contractors of decking in Birmingham and nearby areas, we believe that building customer’s trust is continuing an excellent service even when a project is complete.

We also offers  maintenance and repair. We know that no matter how you want your decking project to last a long time, it needs maintenance and repair along the way.

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Deck Cleaning Service Available

The decking installation as an addition to your outdoor living is not invulnerable to wear and tear. Understanding the wood materials, even if you have them stained well, are prone to rot when exposed to destructive elements.

What are the recurring situations when you think it’s about time for a repair or maintenance?

On deck maintenance, this involves cleaning. What are the types of cleaning involved for your decks?

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  • Moss and algae can build up and are harmful to the health of the wood material of your deck. They should be removed and treated. The integrity of your deck will shorten if it is left untreated by experienced deck builders.
  • While decks are exposed to weather, they can be unsafe during the rainy season. Wood decks that are often wet can be slippery and dangerous.
  • As with rain, winter can potentially harm your deck when prolonged exposure to extreme cold as wood may become brittle or too moist to accumulate mould and algae. To ensure longevity and integrity of the wood panels, conduct preventive maintenance with our team.
  • Stain your deck for added protection. Learn how it’s done by reaching out to us.
  • Seal your deck against harsh climate. If you have started cleaning, staining, or painting, you can have your deck sealed with a protective coat.
  • Replace old deck boards or panels. If wood boards are about to become dilapidated, maybe you can change parts of your deck to resume its integrity against damage.
  • Deck rotting happens too. Learn and understand how the wood in your deck rots and avoid those rotten panels to infect healthy parts. Dry rot in wood can be detected when you see cracked and arid boards.
  • Decks often have railings that are also made of wood. Heal the banister by sanding and fix railing that’s unbalanced.
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Decks top enemies include discolouration, rotting, mould and algae buildup, cracks and dents. Decks are a convenient addition to your home living, they give you the pleasure to have another space to stay in the morning, in the afternoon, or evening. They serve as an extension to your living, can serve as dining area, entertainment, or play. 

Whatever it is your purpose of building a deck in your premises, repair and maintenance is critical to its longevity.

If plants surround the timbers, including the soil beneath, they would invite dirt and moist onto the wood. For rougher and dry wood surface that is potential for cracks, it would produce splinters or protrude nails that are dangerous.

Make your deck a pleasant place for people, not for pests or any destructive element. Let our team of decking installers check it as part of its preventive maintenance. If you need a decking pro, that’s us.

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